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Compatibility & Tests

The driver aims to be fully JDBC compatible and compliant with the spec. Thus any program, that uses JDBC and follows its guidelines should work with jxDBCon.

Applications that work with the driver

Listed here are only a few applications that are known to work with jxDBCon. If you know of more, please let us know. If there are special tweaks needed to make an application work with jxDBCon, submit a feature-request on the project page.
An excellent "Universal Database Viewer". If you are working with Java/JDBC check this tool out.
SQuirreL SQL Client
A JDBC Database viewer under GPL. [reported by David Kulp]
A JDBC SQL command line shell.
Forte for Java
A Java IDE. Not all of the features are usable due to limitations of PostgreSQL.
An Open Source, standards-compliant, J2EE application server. [reported by Sven Welte, read his comment]
Java2 Enterprise Edition
An application server. Not all of the features are usable due to limitations of PostgreSQL. Compliance is actively being tested with Sun's test suite. (see below)

Test Suites

Testing is the most important thing when writing software, if You don't test then your code will be only a collection of bugs which apparently behave like a working program.

There are three ways to test the functionality/conformance of the driver.

Sun JDBC Test Suite and Harness

This is a rather old test suite available from Sun. Its main advantage is its small memory footprint and execution time. Config files for it can be found under the misc tree.

Sun JDBC J2EE compliance test suite

This is Sun's current test suite. It requires J2EE TM and is huge. Its advantages are in the number of tests and the JDBC2 stuff. You will find more information on Sun's page. The CTS as bundled by Sun runs only against Cloudscape and Oracle databases. Support files to make it run with PostgreSQL can be found in the project's CVS repository. An installation guide can be found there aswell.

All tests are run (except those incompatible with PostgreSQL). There are some changes to the SQL used by the tests to accomodate PostgreSQL conventions.

The failed results can be browsed here.

Own tests

I have written some tests which usually focus on one specific issue of JDBC, these are under the src/test branch. There is a small invoker program aswell, which comes in a console and a GUI (Swing) flavour.
This section could and should be improved to do real regression testing like it is done in PostgreSQL, especially for the stuff which is not covered by the generic tests above. Your contributions are welcome.