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I really appreciate Your feedback! Be it positive or negative. Feedback is the thing which moves me to release another version, so don't spare with it.

You can ask about anything, I'll try to answer as fast as possible (depends on holiday schedule :(( ).

Please use the different methods available in the SourceForge system to ask Your questions. It's as fast as writing me an e-mail and others may benefit from the answer to Your question, too. This requires You to have an account at SourceForge, but don't fear, it's for free and they don't give away your private e-mail anyway...


I would like to thank the following individuals for their contribution to jxDBCon:
Peter Brant (.us)
Peter has helped a lot to improve the project. He was an excellent discussion partner as well as a hands-on coder. He refactored the dbTest sources and added tests. He also did several bug-fixes in the core driver.
Seweryn Sobieszek (.pl)
Seweryn did some excellent code rewrites in the driver where he clarified parts of my code which were a bit "unclean".
Tilman Giese (.de)
Tilman found bugs in the driver - and fixed them in-place.
Corey Klaasmeyer (.us)
Corey was a nice discussion partner to exchange ideas with.
Much of the motivation to continue with the driver was due to feedback and fruitful e-mail exchange with the following individuals:

Donations / On demand feature enhancements

I would like to thank Vic Cekvenich of BaseBeans Engineering for his donation that triggered the implementation of DisconnectedRowSet.

You can donate to the project or me using the services at SourceForge/PayPal. You can also choose to fund the development of a driver feature.

In any way, please consult with me if you would like to support the project by this way.