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There are both source and binary distributions. The binaries are compiled with the Sun JDK v1.1.7_v3, v1.3.1_03 and 1.4.0, under Linux. They should run on any system.

The source distribution is for users who want to read the code. Developers should use the CVS tree as it always contains the latest updates. See the Developers section for instructions on how to grab the sources.


The binary distributions is a pack-n-go, it contains all classes that are needed to use the driver. You should get the the appropriate file according to Your JDBC version level. Not included are the JDBC classes (part of Java) and JSSE (Java Secure Socket Extensions, available from Sun) for using SSL secured connections.
For Java 1.1 you need the Collections framework.

The lib driver depends on a shared library compiled from C code and is not available in binary form. The sources/Makefile are in the source distribution and in the CVS. You need to build it on your own.

Version matrix

In this table we have compiled the different Java versions with their supported JDBC level and whether they require additional packages.
JVMJDBC levelCollectionsJSSE
1.2JDBC2.1not neededneeded
1.3JDBC2.1not neededneeded
1.4JDBC3 (PFD4)not needednot needed
NB: You could add JDBC3 (PFD3) compatibility to Java versions 1.2 & 1.3 by downloading the API classes (jdbc-3_0-pfd3-classes.zip) via the developer connection. These files are no longer available. Please upgrade to Java 1.4 for using JDBC3.


jxDBCon-jdbc1-0.9z.jar The pure Java binary driver file for JDBC1.
jxDBCon-jdbc2-0.9z.jar The pure Java binary driver file for JDBC2
jxDBCon-jdbc3-0.9z.jar The pure Java binary driver file for JDBC3 (recommended).
jxDBCon-doc-0.9z.zip javadoc generated API documentation.
jxDBCon-src-0.9z.zip The driver sources. NB: You cannot compile the driver after downloading this archive. Please follow the instructions under the developers section if you want to compile on your own.

Initial diagnostics

After having downloaded the binary distribution simply run the JAR file. java -jar jxDBCon-jdbc3-0.9z.jar. It will output some diagnostics which will help You getting started.