jxDBCon-Open Source JDBC driver framework

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Documentation is a vital part of all projects, unfortunately I am no writer and tend to spend my time allocated to jxDBCon with coding.

Nevertheless there is a Quick start guide (HTML,PDF) available, which can help You get up and running with this project.

Code samples

If you are looking for code samples, then take a look at the DBTest application that is part of jxUtil. We are using it for fast and expressive JUnit testing of JDBC functionality. It contains code that you might find helpful when working with JDBC. The jxUtil project also has a package dedicated to JDBC which contains many routines that helps performing everyday tasks in JDBC.

API docs

If you want to take a look at what aspects of JDBC the framework targets, then You can browse javadoc generated API documentation online. It is available in Frames/No-frames version.