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jxDBCon a framework to ease the development JDBC drivers. By using it you can concentrate on the tasks specific to your DBMS and benefit from the generic solutions provided by jxDBCon. jxDBCon also contains a featureful driver implementation for PostgreSQL


There are many open-source JDBC drivers out there, but most of them are only implementing parts of the JDBC specification. If you take a look at the specs, you may find out that many aspects are not so database dependent as it seems and can be generally implemented. This is were this framework gets in. It provides a generic implementation wherever it is possible. Developers who want to add a JDBC driver to their favourite database product can build upon the work already done in the framework and benefit from it.
The framework does not restrict its users in any way, there are no drawbacks using it!
Hopefully this project will attract other open-source JDBC driver developers and effectively will result in more, and more compatible Open Source JDBC drivers.


If you are a developer who wants to write a JDBC compliant driver, be sure to check out this package. Your comments (pro and con) are welcome, and will find their way into the source. At the moment there are three driver implementations as shown by the following figure:
jxDBCon architectural overview
The PostgreSQL driver is the most advanced of them. Its compliance to the JDBC specification is more than 90% (as measured inofficially by Sun's J2EE JDBC Client Test Suite).

The other two drivers are in planning stage.


As a proof of concept there is a driver implementation using the framework for the PostgreSQL database management system. (Actually the framework was created for the PostgreSQL driver, as I was disappointed with the compatibility of the existing driver which ships with the database distribution.) The implementation uses only JDBC compliant techniques, no special API is added.Still it supports all of the features the database supports, like CallableStatements (mapped to PGSQL functions), Blobs (implemented with JDBC2 semantics), UDTs, and so on. The driver also has functionality which the other driver is missing and due to its design will not likely have in the future.

If You are using PostgreSQL and are looking for a JDBC compliant driver, then give this one try. It is still in beta stage, but most functions are working well (see the Tests). Please report Your findings to the project (what is missing/not working/etc.): Due to the clear layout of the source the issues might be easier to solve than You might think.